Welcome to Tunisia



     In tribute to this man, lover of the Sahara, eager for adventure and dream we devote this page, adorned with a few lines taken from his work "The Little Prince".

IL Six years ago, I had a breakdown in the Sahara desert. Something was broken in my engine. and as I had with me neither a mechanic nor any passengers, I set myself to try to be successful, all alone, the difficult repairs. For me it was a matter of life or death. I barely had water to drink for eight days. The first night I went to sleep on the sand a thousand miles from any inhabited land. I was more isolated than a shipwrecked sailor on a raft in the middle of the ocean. So imagine my surprise at daybreak, when a funny little voice woke me up. She said: - Please ... draw me a sheep! I jumped to my feet as if I had been struck by lightning. I have rubbed my eyes. I watched. And I saw a little man quite extraordinary that seriously considered me. I stared at this apparition with my eyes fairly astonishment. Do not forget that I was a thousand miles from any inhabited region. When I last I was able to speak, I said: - What are you doing here? And then he repeated, very slowly, as something very serious: - Please ... draw me a sheep. And that is how I made the acquaintance of the little prince