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Tataouine (also known as Foum Tataouine) is one of the most picturesque towns in southern Tunisia. Surrounded by mountains from which spring ksours, fortresses formerly used to shelter from the invaders, the essential commodities such cereals, olive oil, pulses ... it lives trade between the many villages that the surround. His souk of Monday and Thursday is one of the most picturesque of Tunisia.

Tataouine is also known for his colonial past when he housed the battalion of the Foreign Legion, a disciplinary camp known as the "bat of Af", also written "batdaf". The name Tataouine also evokes a distant and isolated place from where the ironic expression Tataouine-les-Bains.

Tataouine is a charming little town today. His market, bi-weekly from Monday and Thursday, is picturesque. There are beauty products such as henna, kohl, basketry, antique jewelry and especially beautiful weavings.

Tataouine is the door of the desert. in addition to visiting the Ksours around the city you can access the great South to visit Ksar Ghilane at the edge of the Oriental Erg.



Habit traditionnel Tataouine
Villagers in traditional clothes.

Opposite Hotel Mabrouk is a small museum where you can find a fossil tree trunk, neo-Punic inscriptions, fragments of statues, Corinthian capitals ... To visit.

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  Municipality of Tataouine


 Tataouine City
Ksar Soltane Tataouine
Ksar Ouled Soltane, the most beautiful of all ksars in southern Tunisia, located 20 km south of Tataouine.
Ksar Haddada Tataouine
Ksar Haddada, between Tataouine and Ghomrasen
Troglodytes on the road of Béni Khedache Tataouine

Douiret  Tataouine
The old Berber village of Douiret and its mosque, always well maintained
Chénini Tataouine
Village of Chénini, perched at the top of a hill with a magnificent view of the desert valley

The Ksar Ghilane Fort
Ver le grand sud
Bir Soltane

Zmela camp south of Ksar Ghilane


Relaxation time in Zmela at Grand Erg

Ksar Ghilane Oasis




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