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Sbeitla, 25000 inhabitants, is a small town of Tunisia, located 243 km from the capital Tunis and 215 from Tozeur. Sbeitla was the scene of fierce fighting during the Second World War between the United States under the command of Lloyd Fredendall and the Third Reich under the command of Erwin Rommel, between February 19 and 25, 1943. In early 2011, Sbeitla is experiencing bloody demonstrations during the revolution leading to the fall of Ben Ali.

Sbeitla is best known for its ruins, the best preserved of ancient Tunisia. 

Start your visit by the museum. It's included in the entrance ticket.


Capitol Square and the three temples

With the spread of Christianity, and like most large African cities, Sufetula, Sbeitla today, became the seat of a bishopric in the third century.

Diocletian's Arch

The names of several bishops of the city are known to us from the minutes of the councils that met in several African cities, one of the best known is that summoned by the Emperor Honorius in 411 to condemn donatism.

During vandal occupation (439-533), the region will now be part of the royal domain.

Finally, and with the Byzantine reconquest by the emperor Justinian in 533, Sufetula will become the or one of the seats of the Byzantine state.

 Patrice Gregoire, who declared at the beginning of the seventh century his independence from the emperor, chose, it seems, the city as a place of residence.

It was during this period that a number of buildings were fortified to counter the threat of the Berber tribes and the much more powerful Muslim armies from south Tripolitania.

It is precisely here, in Sbeitla, that the first battles between the Byzantines and the Muslims took place, battles which in 647 saw the victory of the new religion, thus opening a new page in the history of the Tunisia and all North Africa.

 Arc de triomphe d'Antonin 


Other sites to visit

 Antique Theater

A must see 

  • Diocletian's Arch
  • The church of Servus, pagan sanctuary converted into a chapel  
  • The monumental door of Antoninus
  • The forum
  • The three temples dedicated to Jupiter, Jumon and Minerva

Corinthian capitals


The dream is allowed

A cat, guardian of the baths

The Thermal palestra

Gardens amidst the ruins

The Triumphal arch
Photo de Narjess Lakhnèche


Photo de narjess Lakhnèche Photo de narjess Lakhnèche





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